Agent Referral

Let us be your Resource in Property Management

At Anderson Management Group, relationships are important to us. We understand the value of communication and protecting the friendships that you have created with your clients over the years. That is why we developed our agent referral program to let you as a real estate agent focus on sales and rest assured that your clients have the care and support they need with a property manager.

We specialize exclusively in property management and we have designed our Agent Referral program to give the same level of care and attention that you would give to your clients. We focus on having a full service property management solution that takes care of the property start to finish. This means that when you start working with your client again, the home will be as good as or better than when you left it.

We also offer you, as the listing agent, a guarantee that in the event the owner you referred to us later wishes to sell the property or to buy a home, we will refer them back to you. Your listing and your client relationship is protected!

We work with you, not as your competition!

Our experience shows that agents who work with our referral program benefit not just financially but professionally. Your client’s perception of you is enhanced when you offer a professional service through us that you can’t readily provide yourself. Your client will feel secure knowing that you, as their Realtor, will deal with them in the future if they wish to sell.

Benefits to Agent for your kind Referral

  • We will make sure your referral is satisfied with our services
  • We will make sure that any real estate related questions, such as what is the current value of their property, or mentions of selling are sent to you to answer, so that you can maintain the Sales Agent status

Referral Fee for the Property Management Referral Fee Program

When you send us the referral and the client is comfortable with our services, you will receive the following referral fees:

  • $250 referral fee if they use us to place a tenant (Tenant Placement Services)
  • Up to $500 if they use us to manage the property (paid after the 1st month of management services)
  • All referral fees paid to Agents Broker

We refer the sale, or any real estate questions back to you, it’s that simple.

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